Thursday, 3 December 2015

Most Popular and Famous Tavern Long Beach


Tavern is the place where beers, liquors are sold to be consumed on premises and public house for travelers and other persons who needs the shelter. In tavern serves alcoholic beverages and often basic meals. Joejosts is one of the most popular and famous tavern in Long beach and it is maintaining from so many years of past. It is one of the oldest continually operated taverns west of the Mississippi river. Joejosts is known the world over for serving up the coldest beer, tastiest Joe’s special sand witches, pickled eggs, roasted peanuts and the warmest atmosphere of tavern in the USA.

Our Specialties are:
  • Schooners and Beer:
We are the specialist in schooners and beers. Schooner is a type of glass used for serving beer and it is a name for particular glass size, used for any type of beer. Schooner is regional larger style beers of the Australia. In our web site we mention the types of beers and prices.
  • Sand witches and Hot Dogs:
We offer tastiest sand witches in our restaurant. Our special sand witch is polish sausage and it is made from our family’s own blend of spices, slice of Swiss cheese and pickle, mustard on rye bread.
  • Pickled Egg:
We are the famous for our pickled egg. We prepare pickled egg and served on a mound of pretzels with chili peppers. We have developed a dry powdered formula to duplicate our famous pickled eggs. We provide the jar and mix, to prepare the pickled egg you have to follow the instructions and in just 7 days you will be able to enjoy your pickled eggs.
  • Roasted Peanuts:
We are the specialists in roasted peanuts. We offer the Marmion’s peanuts, Fresh-roasted, extra-large, fancy Virginia peanuts that made all others taste like little pellets of compressed hay.

Our restaurant specialties are wall of fame, customer of the month, calendar girls, have a beer at Joe’s song and Joejost’s screen saver. To know more detail please visit

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